"Formed to provide a safe haven for all equines in need. To give equines a new chance to have a productive life by retraining, rehabilitating and rehoming those equines that are suitable. To provide a retirement home for equines that can’t be adopted out. To provide a caring and loving last home for permanent residents."

Mission Statement

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Jeremy Camp's song - "There Will Be A Day" has a message not only for us as human's, but also for the rescued equines here (& rescued animals everywhere)
Check out the Rhythm Beads  for your horses and for your Breyer model horses!
These make a great gift for a horse lover and for yourself and your horse!
We have Beads for all occasions - Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, for parades, being visible for hunting season or just dressing up! Custom designs can be made in your school colors or ​just your favorites!

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AMG Horses Etc is a non-profit corporation effective 3/14/2011 through the State of Arkansas.
Filing for IRS 501(c)(3) as soon as we have the funds - taking care of the horses is the priority at this time. If you wish to contribute to the Filing Fund, please donate and make a note what it's for. We need $300 - we now have $67 only $233 to go! Thank you
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Feeding Thrive exclusively is a major goal for us.....
​Feeding so many different horses can be difficult when trying to meet each ones individual needs. It can be expensive and time consuming. In an effort to be cost efficient and to give each one the exact nutritional requirements they need, I will be feeding ONLY Thrive Feed. This feed must be shipped directly to the farm. It is not carried in a local feed store. With the cost of shipping it comes out to approx. $20 a bag. This is actually a huge savings when there are no additional oils, supplements, powders and only 1 type of feed to buy. Read about Thrive Feed here.
To help feed this amazing food to the horses, consider purchasing a bag of Thrive for them - (I will be ordering the feed by the pallet)

Buy bag of Thrive Feed --

Image by FlamingText.com

                                                        AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION
​                                                     Sage, Spirit, & Dallas
With the exception of Sage ($100), these horses are not available to beginners or anyone who is not familiar with horses who have experienced major trauma in their lives. ​The right home is what will be the deciding factor for Spirit & Dallas. Their adoption fees will be just the cost of the application and what it costs to have their Coggins updated. 
I am unable to take in any more horses - for personal reasons I can no longer operate as a rescue. However,you can list your horse on our consignment page for free.
I will continue with the wine fundraiser and any donations I receive will be used to pay off the feed bill that is currently over $800. 
After that is paid off, I will be able to try and help other rescues or just folks that need a little help. The sales of the beads and custom items will still continue. Thank you​
Thank you to Kevin Vaden for the use of his trailer to get Duchess to her new home &
​Thank you to Sandy McBee for use of her truck (to move Duchess) while ours needs work!