AMG Horses Etc - Equine Rescue

Fundraisers are essential to any non-profit organization. Without raising money, we can not continue to help support equines in need. Here at AMG Horses Etc, we want to not just ask for donations, we want you to have the opportunity to receive something back. That's why we have so many fundraisers and make and sell different items.

FlowerPower Fundraising - online fundraiser - purchase beautiful flowers for spring & summer!

The proceeds are going to buy hay, Thrive Feed, vaccinations, de-wormers, and medical supplies. THANK YOU!


BENEFITWINES - On going year round fundraiser. Purchase bottles of wines with our labels and help support the rescue efforts!

If you are in Mena, AR, stop by EPIC Tee's & Trophies and drop off your used ink cartridges in the drop box. They will be recycled and any type of ink cartridge can be donated.