AMG Horses Etc - Equine Rescue
How To Help

Donate directly by making a deposit at Union Bank in Mena, to AMG Horses Etc.
You many donate directly to our feed bill at Mena Feed - 479-394-3800

"Care Packs" - This is a great way to donate and know exactly what the money is going to be used for! There's a Care Pack for every budget!

                              $5.00 - Bag of Apple Treats

                               $10.00 - small bale of hay (price varies according to current hay prices)

                                $15.00 - Pregnant mare pneumabort vaccine- to help prevent abortion of foal - (Not needed at this time)

                               $45.00 - Annual Coggins Test for 1 Horse

                               $50.00 - 1 Yr Deworming Pack for 1 Horse - 1 Ivermectin /2 Pyrantel Pamoate /1 Anthelcide Eq /1 Safeguard /1 Equimax

                              $50.00 - Annual Vaccinations for 1 Horse - Fluvac Innovator 6 - (KY 97/EEE/WEE/VEE/Tetanus) & West Nile Innovator 

                              $100 - 1st Vaccination and 2nd Dose for young horses & horses with an unknown history. Includes Fluvac Innovator 6 & West Nile Innovator

                               $100 - Starter Feed Pack - 1 Round Bale, 1 White Salt Block, 3 bags grain (this price may vary according to hay prices)

                               $150 - Annual Dental Care for 1 Horse

                                $250 - "New Arrival Pack"
- Vet check, dewormer, Coggins if needed, Dental care if needed, vaccines if needed or history unknown, any money left over from these costs will go towards hay & grain.

Twister's Gelding Fund - you are welcome to donate any amount towards his gelding surgery. It will cost approx. $150. Any monies over the actual cost of the surgery will go towards helping another stallion that needs to be gelded. This could be a future horse/mule/donkey at AMG Horses Etc, or it could be someone in the community that really needs the help. This fund could potentially help to stop over breeding of horses, and in turn, help prevent equines going to slaughter.

Why geld a mule? Because even though they can not reproduce, they still produce testosterone and will act like a stallion. We would like to see Twister become a gentle riding and pack mule.
At this time, we are unable to take in any more horses - with hay prices & lack of donations, to take in any more would make it impossible to properly care for the current horses.