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Permanent Residents

AMG Flashover Fire- "Flash" 20+ yrs 16.0  Saddlebred Gelding. Came to us in June 2004 severely malnourished and neglected. Has been through a lot in his life. Still has some trust issues and anxiety.  He was my "Levels" horse in the Parelli Program and we completed the "old" Level 1 and most of Level 2 before he was retired.


AMG Black Shadow -
2003 black BLM Mustang gelding 14.1 . Was adopted at 4 months old from Ridgecrest, CA. He is talented, athletic horse. He and I passed Parelli Level 2 Online togethor. He does tricks and is very smart.

AMG Saphira Moon
(Oil Patch Smurf x Daisy's Moon Shadow)
2007 APHA mare 14.3. Sorrel, Was adopted through a PMU rescue along with her pregnant mother. Had a rough start in life and is very much a one person horse. Since APHA changed the white markings rule, she now qualifies for regular registry! Saphira is very athletic and quick. I am bringing her under saddle when she is ready. She needs a lot of time to feel safe and then she opens up into a playful and sweet horse.

AMG Truefreedomangel -
(Okies King Cody x Daisy's Moon Shadow) 2008 AQHA mare 14.1. Red Dun. Would have gone to slaughter before even being born. Was able to be present for her birth and imprint her. She is getting ready to start her under saddle development. She is just below the percentage needed to qualify for the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry. Angel is a super smart girl! She can get out of any type of fence, either over, under, or through it. Nothing bothers her, she is very calm and adores attention.

AMG Rocket -
Rocket arrived here recently (2011) and has an interesting past. His owner wanted us to have him mainly because he was hard to catch. He was gelded late in life and used to get loose and create chaos in the neighborhood. His name was "Flash" - but we renamed him because we already have a "Flash". His color is Silver Bay and he is 34 inches tall. He is getting friendlier and easier to catch. We would like to see him be our mascot/ambassador and do some activities with small children.

While these horses are staying here, if you fall in love with one, you are welcome to be a Sponsor!