Horses are adopted out to qualified people. We need to know if you can provide adequate care for the horse being adopted. It is best if they spend time with the horse that they like and get to know him/her first. Horse and humans need to be a good match so that they all can benefit from the process. Many problems that people have with horses arise because the two clash at some level. All of our horses have been through at least a basic ground skills course using natural horsemanship methods. The prospective adopter is encouraged to know what the horse knows of these skills. That is best accomplished by spending time with the horse at the farm.
If it becomes necessary that horse and human must part ways, the horse is welcome back at any time. And if questions arise or help is needed we are always available to provide help. 

AMG Horses Etc - Equine Rescue
We try to accurately describe each horse and its abilities at the time of adoption. Most of the horses have been through a Basic Skills Course and should be ready for more advanced development. Some horses are available only as companions or light riding. The level of experience the horse has and level needed for each horse is listed. We want everyone to be happy, not just adopt out horses.
Basic Skills Course ​consists of the following:
1. Catching - will come to person or allow person to walk up to and put on halter with minimal to no resistance 
2.Leading - will walk with - not on top of - person, will stop, start and turn at walk & at least learning how to trot with person leading
3. Tying - Will stand tied 
4. Can be groomed/touched all over body​
5. Allows hooves to be picked up and cleaned/trimmed
6. Is desensitized or has been exposed to objects such as - plastic bags, tarps, large moving objects, vehicles, dogs, pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, electric fencing, going through gates, loud music, other horses engaged in activities, children, etc
7. Can be saddled or harnessed with minimal to no resistance
8. Can be bridled with little to no resistance
9. Will load into and out of trailer with little to no resistance
10. Does not bite, kick, strike at, rear up, stomp on, or run over a person during normal everyday handling. Please keep in mind that any horse may do any of these things or other dangerous behaviors when they feel threatened, scared or something unusual spooks them. We do not claim any adoptive horse is "bomb proof"! ​   ​ ​

ADOPTED 6/18/2011

Thunder ADOPTED 9/11/11 & Alice - ADOPTED 9/18/11
both went to the Jones Family

This page is to showcase all the equines that have been placed in new homes. When possible there will also be updated pics, if you have adopted from us, please send pics and info - we love to see how they are doing!
Jade with Hailey - her new owner
Jade needed to be re-homed. Jade was placed with Jody C. also in AR. (2/2012)​​
Lil Bit 
ADOPTED 9/8/11 to Ms. LJ Bryan
Shiloh & Breezy ADOPTED 9/8/11 both went to Linda S. Shiloh & Breezy recently had to be rehomed. They are with the Jones family and Thunder & Alice​. 
Here is Lil Bit at her new home 
She went to Crystal H. in Cove, AR. to be her son's pony.​
bay tobiano pony mare​
Duchess - ADOPTED 7-16-2012 by Shawna & Randy K. Holland, AR
grey mare​
Twister - ADOPTED 7-16-2012 to Vaden family Wister, OK
Mule colt (dam is Dallas)​
To Crystal H. in Cove, AR​
bay tobiano gelding​
Broadwaytylerbeau "Beau" ADOPTED 8-1-2012 to Darra S. in OK chestnut TB gelding